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What is Financial Responsibility? And Four Ways to Achieve It!

Do you hear people around you say that it is crucial to be financially responsible if you want to have a comfortable life? Do you wonder what exactly financial responsibility means? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss what is financial responsibility and how you can achieve it to ensure that you always have enough funds to cover your expenses. 

What is financial responsibility?

In simpler words, financial responsibility is to strike a balance between your income and your expenses. And most importantly, the balance must be in favour of your income rather than your expenses. To give you an example, if your income is more than your expenses, you will always have money to invest in plans that secure your future. This is known as being financially responsible. 

However, if your expenses are more than your income, financial responsibility will be hard to come by and you might have to depend on short term loan such as payday loans to cover your expenses. But know that you must repay your short-term loan eventually. Hence, make sure you have struck balance in the favour of your income. 

How can you achieve financial responsibility?

Now, you might think that achieving financial responsibility is difficult to achieve. However, if you follow some simple rules, you can become financially responsible and ensure that you can cover your expenses without any issues. Let’s look at certain ways that can help you ensure financial responsibility in the long run. 

  • Make your budget and include the tiniest details

The first step to being financially responsible is to sit down with yourself and make your budget. And this will include your expenses, even the tiniest expense too. Don’t try to hide or cover up any of your expenses. It will never play in your favour in the long run. 

Sit down and make a note of your cash receipts, cash withdrawals, bank transactions, and any other transactions that have your name on them. When you have jotted your tiniest expense, even one rand spent, you will know how and when your money disappears. Several people complain about struggling at the end of the month because they have spent their whole monthly salary before the next one. When you make a budget, you can prevent this from happening.  

Also, make sure that you make a budget that you can execute in real-time. Most people try to make a budget that makes them feel virtuous more like a new year’s resolution. But when it comes to execution, they can’t! So, make sure that your budget must be able to accommodate everything that supports your lifestyle. 

  • Make sure to keep your debt at the minimum

So, once you borrowed some money from your family or friends to cover your finances. But don’t make a habit of it! You need to ensure that you keep your debt at the minimum because there is always a price to pay. 

Even if you borrow money in the form of a payday loan or personal loan, you need to understand that you need to repay this loan to the bank. You can’t live off borrowing money from other sources and not pay the price. 

This is to say that sometimes loans can become inevitable. For example, you want to buy a new home, you must take out a home loan. But at the same time, you need to ensure that you take out a home loan that you can afford to repay. The main aim must repay your loan in time and avoid building it up in the future. This will help you to become financially responsible efficiently. 

  • Create a savings plan

The key to being financially responsible is to ensure that you spend less than what you earn. And on the other hand, make sure to invest a certain amount for yourself. You can do so by creating a savings plan and investing money in plans that act as your emergency fund or nest egg. 

This will help you build financial protection for your future self and trust your future self will thank you for that. Any financial expert you talk to will say that you should at least keep 6 months of salary tucked away as savings for your future. You can of course save more than that if you have the capacity. 

  • Financial growth is key

If you have been reading this article until this point, you might have thought that financial responsibility includes living a frugal life and cutting back on all your expenses. However, you don’t have to! You can always work on financial growth in your life.

You can invest in the stock market, invest in EFTs and mutual funds, ask for a raise at your workplace, or start working on a side gig that gives you extra income.


So, as you can see that by following a few simple rules keeping your income and expenses in mind, you can achieve financial responsibility. Now, it might seem that it is difficult, however, once you start practicing, you will find that your finances are in better shape in the future. 

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